L&L Barbecue Opens In Ocean View, Hawaii


L&L Hawaiian Barbecue opened in Ocean View on Monday. I arrived for a late lunch, but from the look of it this location had already had a pretty good day. There were many people inside trying to decide what to order.


I like the new menu board. It’s huge, and easy to read. There are so many items to select from, but I already knew what I was there to have.



I waited inside as our food was being prepared. I reminisced about my first visit to an L&L in Lynnwood, WA. It was the first L&L location opened in WA, and I was there for their opening day. For those on the mainland, L&L is a small reminder of the islands. There’s a comfortable, familiar, feel when you visit a mainland L&L. I suppose it is if you are missing Hawai’i. I’ve always gone to the L&L grand openings in the areas I’ve lived or visited, and documented the throngs of people waiting to order or eat their food.


I admit I rarely eat plate lunch or fast food these days. Since, I’m primarily vegetarian, it’s hard to find a veggie plate lunch. However, I do eat fish on occasion, and the Healthy Plate Garlic Mahi Mahi has been calling my name. I recently discovered the “Healthy Plate” options when J. wanted fries at the Captain Cook L&L.

The Healthy Plates substitute white rice for brown rice, and a fresh salad for the mac salad. I ordered the Garlic Mahi Mahi, while J. ordered his standard cheese burger with fries. The garlic was quite strong, and I removed much of it. The fish was moist, tasty, a little more oil that I would have liked, but it made a great meal. The salad and brown rice where a nice combination with the plate. You get quite a hefty serving of fish for $8.25. I ended up sharing some with J.

Overall, it’s a nice addition to Ocean View, and good place for kama’aina & visitors to stop as they travel around the island.

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