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I’ve been online in some form since discovering my first BBS in 1991. Eventually, I obtained a spare computer and started my own Wildcat based BBS. My first blog was hand-coded html, but that was before there was the term blog. I eventually upgraded to Greymatter, which was a CMS written by one of my all time favorite photographers, Noah Grey. I then moved to moveable type, and finally settled on wordpress.

Originally from Oklahoma, and living many years in Texas, in 2001 it was time for a change. I left my studies in Environmental Science, and during Thanksgiving weekend 2001 I drove from Texas to Seattle with 5 cats in the car with me. I lived in Seattle for the next 7 years. While in Seattle, I left a 13 year relationship, which left me with no income or home. I worked the next 5 years to become self-sufficient, grow a business into a profitable enterprise, and finally make my dream of living in Hawai’i a reality.

Now, I’m here living on the Big Island of Hawai’i. I’m happy to say that my business is still going well, but I would like to transition into making photography my full time occupation. I love photography, and it is the one thing that I am truly passionate about. I have been taking photos since being given my first digital camera for Christmas in 2001. I started Kahuku Photography in 2008 as a way to start showcasing my work. I was originally interested in environmental and fine art photography, but I have come to love environmental portraiture of children, weddings, family, and fashion. I still dabble in photographing the lost and found items of everyday life, but I want to begin capturing the life and love stories of the wonderful people in this world. If you would like to help me realize my dream of becoming a full time photographer consider booking me for your upcoming wedding, family outing, or to document bringing a new little one into the world.

I’m also hoping to begin training for a Transamerica cycling tour this year. I hope to begin the tour in the summer of 2012. * I am currently training for a 5K.

In addition to photography, I enjoy blogging about Hawai’i, Food, British Comedies, Biology, and sustainability. I also enjoy reviewing organic/healthy/no-hfcs products, as well as Hawai’i/USA made products.

Hawai’i Island Life is about sharing my life and adventures on the Island of Hawai’i.

Copyright: All images and stories are copyrighted, unless otherwise noted on rss feed inputs or media releases. Permission is required to use our photos. Please, contact us via email or twitter.

email: support at hawaiiislandlife dot com
twitter: kahuku

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of camera do you use?
All photos labeled hawaii.island.life are taken using an iPhone 4. Rarely, there will be an image labeled Kahuku Photography. These photos are taken with a 5DMii, T2i, or s95.


  1. Hey! So besides Sports Authority, Prince Kuhio Mall is also getting more exciting changes…like Zippys, Napoleons Bakery, and the dollar store is soon to be replaced with a “Glow Golf” arcade. From my research, that would be Glow Golf’s firts location in the state! Plus I have a hunch that new tenants may be moving into the old Mens Shop space, because the Simply Said store has moved.

    I just thought I might let you know, so you can perhaps create a new post about the exciting new openings, and fill us in on somemore details :)

    Isaiah S.

    • Aloha Isaiah,

      I have heard of the Zippy’s and Napoleon’s Bakery. They will be taking over where the Arby’s and Blazing Steaks. I’m not sure if they are involved with the old McDonald’s space as well. That is pretty exciting to have the Zippy’s.

      I had noticed something new going on in the area of Simply Said, but I wasn’t able to figure it out. I’m wondering if something new will come into the place of Papa Mu.

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